COVID-19, an uninvited guest who helped us cherish our planet, family more

So far, over 1.12 million people have been infected with the virus worldwide, and more than 60,000 died, something rare and perhaps unprecedented for at least this century, most importantly, it has involved the whole world. 

In fact, most of the world’s population has experienced this phenomenon, and COVID-19 may later become the only memory shared by all humans on the earth. It is better to say that this is the common pain of the world since no identification is required to understand what is going on in the world these days, it is not required to put ourselves in the shows of people around the country to understand this, because almost all people around the world breath under the white masks for an hour or a few minutes or days to stay immune against this virus. 

The question is whether Corona or any other factor threatening human life in this way will produce a strange but tangible result. As slogans like “no to luxury” are becoming a reality these days, we further understand that food and water are the human’s basic needs, and how foolishly humans spend the life collecting, thinking, and spending energy for things that are never a part of their needs and well-being and a factor of happiness.

The human being has sacrificed the principle of life that is to provide comfort, health, and spiritual evolution, to some sub-principles that are less felt these days.

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