David Harbour shares a phone number with the internet for struggling fans

Amidst the accelerating Covid-19 outbreak, bigwigs around the world are using their star status to ease the panic amongst fans.

And now, Hollywood actor David Harbour has found a distinct way to raise smiles amidst the escalating crisis, by publically giving out his phone number, asking fans to drop him texts.

The 44-year-old Stranger Things actor turned to his Instagram and extended a helping hand to all fans struggling during these stressful times.

“Text me (please not just ‘I love Stranger Things’ but with info about yourself. Where are you? What do you do? Instagram handle? How’s money and work in this time? How’s family?” he said.

He went on to further add: “Anything else you feel like might be interesting for me to know about you during all this?)”

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