Dolly Parton’s whopping net worth will leave you stunned

Dolly Parton’s name resonates with people of all ages and the star has done a lot to make a name for herself.

The nine-time Grammy award winner has been able to garner massive abundance, which is reflected in her whopping net worth.

Dolly made millions through her famous single I Will Always You, which contrary to popular belief, was not entirely Whitney Houston’s.

While Whitney made the song catapult to the top of the charts in 1992, it was Dolly who originally wrote and recorded the power ballad in the ’70s.

“A lot of people say that’s Whitney’s song, and I always say, ‘That’s fine, she can have the credit, I just want my cash,'” Dolly told Today in 2015.

According to The Heavy, Dolly made about $10 million off the song in the ’90s as Whitney’s rendition claimed the No1 spot on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ for 14 weeks straight.

The songstress also has a theme park named Dollywood in her name, which generates more than $118 million in state and local tax revenue, and has an economic impact of more than $1.5 billion.

Moreover, Dolly also has philanthropic endeavours minting in money for her. Just recently, she pledged $1 million to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee to support a research to find a cure for coronavirus. “Keep the faith,” she said.

Owing to all this, Dolly Parton’s net worth is a whopping $600 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. 

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