Harvey Weinstein no longer showing coronavirus symptoms

Hollywood’s fallen titan Harvey Weinstein after testing positive for the novel coronavirus is now on the road to recovery.

A spokesperson of the ex-producer, Juda Engelmayer revealed that the 68-year-old, two weeks after getting declared positive for Covid-19, is no longer showing symptoms.

“As of now, it’s been 14 days since reports of concern from people inside the prison, and he has no symptoms and no issues,” Engelmayer said.

He was earlier allegedly undergoing medical evaluations at the maximum security facility in the New York State town of Alden.

Sources had told TMZ that Weinstein was one of two inmates to have tested positive last month, at the high-security Wende Correctional Facility northwest of New York City and that he has had no contact with family or his lawyers since his diagnosis.

Prior to his transfer, he stayed at Rikers Island prison and a Manhattan hospital, where he was treated for chest pains.

Weinstein has already experienced medical complications, and was rushed to Bellevue hospital after his sentencing with alleged high blood pressure.

On March 11, Weinstein was convicted of sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi and raping actor Jessica Mann.

Earlier on Friday, Weinstein faced an additional sexual assault charge in his California case where he is accused of “sexual battery by restraint” against a woman at a hotel room in Beverly Hills in May 2010.

The woman was first interviewed by detectives in October 2019, and was later able to provide evidence that showed the incident happened within the statute of limitations.

The new charge carries a potential sentence of four years in prison, meaning that Weinstein is now facing a theoretical maximum of 29 years on the Los Angeles charges. 

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