I believe in living a life where I’m constantly pushing boundaries, says Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar meets me in a three-piece embroidered cotton suit. Little jhumkas dangle from her ears and she’s wearing kolhapuris.

Her ‘desi’ look is quite in contrast to the way she was dressed the last time we met — at a fashion show — where she carried off a slinky off-shoulder number with complete ease.

Ayesha Omar is, irrefutably, one of the most stylish actresses in the country. Unlike so many of her peers, she knows just how to wear a gown, has a knack for putting together accessories, and is a pro at posing for the cameras.

Pick any ‘Red Carpet Best Dressed’ list for the past 10 years or so and you’re likely to see Ayesha topping the charts.

Today, though, she’s far from the world of red carpets in her traditional shalwar kameez. It is one of the many days that Ayesha is ‘Khoobsurat’, the character that she has been playing in the hit TV sitcom Bulbulay for over 10 years now.

An episode of the show is being shot in the house where I meet her, and while we sit in a comfortable, quiet sitting room, there’s plenty of activity taking place right outside. Huge lights are wheeled back and forth in the shooting area which, by the way, looks extremely familiar.

Bulbulay, after all, is aired four times a day, every day on ARY Digital and every room in this house — the passageway, the lounge, the bedrooms — is instantly recognisable.

During the course of our interview, Ayesha leaves the room often to shoot different scenes. I trail after her, transfixed with the way she and her fellow actors switch to their characters within a split second: Nabeel suddenly bellowing in his gruff on-screen voice, Hina Dilpazeer waddling on to the screen, Mehmood Aslam as the befuddled Mehmood sahib and Ayesha as the frazzled bahu.

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