Jennifer Lopez’s beau Alex Rodriguez’s net worth will leave you stunned

Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Alex Rodriguez over a ring worth a staggering $1 million, which left us wondering about the athlete’s net worth.

Upon some research, we found out that the former baseball player started minting money at the age of 17.

Alex signed a 10-year contract worth over $200 million! You heard it right. After playing for the Seattle Mariners, A-Rod became a free agent in 2000 and he casually landed a 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers worth $252 million.

A-Rod then, after being traded to the New York Yankees in 2004, signed on another 10-year deal worth $275 million with the Texas Rangers with an additional $30 million in potential bonuses.

Forbes has deemed A-Rod’s net worth to be a whopping $480 million, after he retired in 2017.

His net worth consists of “salary, bonuses, incentives, and endorsements.” Some of those bonuses include $500,000 for an MVP and $100,000 awards for All-Star teams.

Forbes also stated that Alex was earning an estimated a total of “$35 million from endorsements, appearances, and memorabilia.”

However, the player’s current net worth stands at $350 million, considering the amount of hefty taxes that he pays, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

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