Kashmir—What Should Pakistan Do?

Until the Kashmir issue is resolved, the broader agenda which underpinned the partition of India remains incomplete.

Since the dispute came to the fore in 1947, the guarantor for resolving it has been the United Nations.

The UN Security Council resolutions which address the issue are on the record and recognized by the international community.

Therefore, the dispute also represents an unfulfilled agenda for the United Nations which has both a legal and moral obligation to steer the conflict towards its logical conclusion through ensuring the implementation of these resolutions.

Beyond these political and legal roots, however, it is also important to view the dispute as something more than just a conflict between two states over a stretch of land. Instead, at its core, the Kashmir issue centers on preserving the identity, fundamental rights, freedoms, and political future of the approximately 12.5 million living, breathing humans who inhabit both Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir.

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