Meesha Shafi to collaborate with Abdullah Siddiqui on a song

WIth celebrities doing live sessions on Instagram, we are learning new things every day. One such session has revealed that Meesha Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui are collaborating on a song called ‘Amrit’.

Instagram has lately turned into a space where various musicians are going live, some at alomost the same time. On March 27, Abdullah Siddiqui and Meesha Shafi went live not to sing, but to just talk.

They shared that the song is in addition to Shafi’s own debut EP that is tentatively scheduled for 2020.

Siddiqui (who released a full-length album called Metannoya in 2019) has also finished his sophomoric album in just six months. He is an electronic artist/singer who has a number of releases to his name.

His defining moment in his short career so far has been the recording of ‘Resistance’ with Nescafe Basement, which has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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