New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap

Any way you look at it, a new car is an investment. The cost of the vehicle itself plus registration, insurance, maintenance, and petrol can really add up. But there is no substitute for the convenience offered by owning a vehicle, and sometimes it is the only practical way to get to work on time.

Luckily, smart shopping can help you snag a reliable new vehicle for a reasonable price. One good strategy is to pinpoint vehicles that are sold only in South American countries, not the United States. Vehicles peddled in North America are often loaded with unnecessary features that bloat the price.

Used cars are always less expensive, but they don’t come with that new car smell. You also get a manufacturer’s warranty with a new vehicle that protects you from getting hit by a huge repair bill in the first months of your car ownership. If you are committed to buying new, stick with us to discover 7 great makes that won’t break the bank.

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