Rita Ora signs up as NHS volunteer to fight coronavirus

British vocal powerhouse Rita Ora joined the fight against the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world with a selfless move.

The singer announced to the world, that after getting inspired by her mother, she too has signed up as a volunteer for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, to help those affected by the coronavirus.

The 29-year-old along with her sister Elena, 31, in an attempt to do their part in battling the pandemic, decided to sign up after revealing that their mother Vera Sahatciu, 55, had also returned to the frontline in hospitals.

Talking to Hello! magazine, Rita said: “My mother has always been my hero, but this pandemic has honestly made her a superhero in my eyes.”

“She is so brave and has been through so much on her own. Yet her generosity to help others just cements what I know what my mother is capable of. I’m so happy the rest of the world has now got to see it too,” she went on to say.

Vera, a psychiatrist and former GP is giving a helping hand to A&E staff as COVID-19 cases mount in the UK.

Vera had earlier also posted a video of herself exhibiting her NHS card while telling the internet why she decided to return.

“My name is Vera Ora and I’m a psychiatrist. I’m going back to work tomorrow – I work with mental health patients, however, due to the pressure on the NHS I will be asked to go to the frontline to help with A&E and other departments,” she said.

“It’s a very dangerous time and not everyone is being safe and staying at home and we are becoming overwhelmed with patients coming through and putting everyone at risk,” she added. 

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