Taylor Swift saves fan from deportation

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has won hearts of admirers with her kind deed as she reportedly sent $3,000 to pay for the green card for a fan facing deportation after she lost her job due to coronavirus pandemic.

The singer reportedly saw a Tumblr post from Skylar Kervin who detailed how she was just days away from being deported back to Canada because she could not afford a new green card.

Skylar, who has resided in the United States with her husband for five years now,  was reported to have said: “I was facing deportationa as my green card renewal was coming up and due to COVID-19, I lost my job. I was stressing about how I was going to afford to renew it.

“I had until Wednesday of next week to get my paperwork sent off. My last day in the US was scheduled for June 22nd,” the Swiftie said of the tight deadline.

The Canadian, who now lives in Alabama, opened up about her recent struggles online and caught the attention of the ‘Lover’ songwriter.

“I would have been deported had Taylor’s generosity not come through,” the fan confessed.

She continued: “I’m using the money to renew my green card and if there is any remaining afterward I will be using it for a flight home to visit my family who I haven’t seen in over 3 years due to financial struggles.”

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