There is something to be said for the charitable spirit of Pakistanis in crisis situations

KARACHI: On April 6th, the Pakistani community in Japan joined hands with the staff of the Embassy of Pakistan in Tokyo to distribute masks and other essential items among people at a busy thoroughfare in the Japanese capital to help in the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

In just a few hours, thousands of face masks and other items of need that help in protection against the virus were distributed among Tokyoites. Since charity is a novel concept in the highly organised society of Japan, the photos and videos of the distribution quickly went viral on the internet.

On social networking platform Twitter, Japanese users shared the photos for political point-scoring against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. A few hours prior to the distribution, PM Abe had imposed a state of emergency in the country to fight the pandemic, promising delivery of protective masks to citizens at their homes.

However, the masks never arrived, and the Japanese public took out their anger on PM Abe by sharing photos of the distribution in Tokyo as evidence that he had failed to keep his promise. Overnight, the Pakistanis, who form a very small part of foreigners present in the Pacific nation, became mini-celebrities. 

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