Three KP persons took in custody & quarantined after attending the funeral of COVID19-positive man

Peoples in towns and rural areas not paying attention to coronavirus danger, administration mourn.

Residents of three villages were quarantined after a man died reportedly of the deadly COVID-19 virus on Friday and people also attended his funeral, later on, said sources in district administration. The News provided details on Saturday.

The district administration has warned residents of Tiken, Bucha and Syed Nagar villages and adjoining localities to stay at homes in self-quarantine and refrain from practicing all kinds of social contacts, gatherings and holding congregations.

The authorities issued directions immediately after the casualty of one Aamer Rashid Baloch aged between 30-35 years, a resident of Syed Nagar. Aamer Rashid used to work in Saudi Arabia. A few days before his death, he arrived and tied the knot in Tiken village.

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