Ultra-rare Pininfarina Battista Anniversario unveiled

Pininfarina celebrated its 90th anniversary by introducing a limited-edition variant of the electric Battista, namedAnniversario. The Mahindra-owned design house-turned-carmaker also revealed key details about how it plans to bring its electric hypercar to production and deliver the first examples in 2020.

Luca Borgogno, the company’s chief design officer, explained his team created the Anniversario’s two-tone livery after browsing Pininfarina’s vast catalog of past designs. “It takes three weeks to complete the paint. It’s painted entirely by hand, even the blue pinstripe that separates the grey and the white,” he told Autocar. The Battista’s body notably needs to be disassembled after each coat of paint, which partially explains why Anniversario production is strictly limited to five not-inexpensive examples.

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