Ushna Shah questions doctors taking breaks while saving lives

Worldwide, people have been saluting and commending medical professionals for being on the frontlines of a pandemic…as they should be.

Doctors, nurses and all staffers in each hospital are risking their lives to save others. And while it already sounds harder than it looks, it is much much more difficult than we can possibly imagine.

So many have quarantined themselves from their own families, working without proper medical protective gear and are spending several sleepless nights at the hospital. All to give the world a fighting chance at survival. Make them join the Justice League and Avengers already.

Such isolation and stress can take a toll, so it makes sense that these hard workers take a little break now and then to unwind; they’re not robots. And should their hard work pay off and they see improvements in their patients, they can definitely celebrate, right?

Several videos of medical professionals taking dance breaks have made rounds on the internet and while many appreciate and adore the content, there are those who do not approve.

While Ushna Shah doesn’t disapprove, she did share her concerns for these very short videos in a now-deleted tweet. And it was sad to read.

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