Wasim Akram is spending his quarantine cooking and having playdates

The enforced quarantine has got many people going stir crazy, but not cricket legend Wasim Akram. He’s learning new things during the lockdown.

I have a cook book at home from which I have learnt to make steamed fish, tuna strips and pulao during the quarantine so far, the former Pakistan cricket captain told SAMAA TV on its morning show Naya Din on Monday.

“I’ve even noted the timings to add the ingredients,” he said.

The 53-year-old, who has spent more than a decade playing on the cricket field, is finding it tough to stay at home due the coronavirus outbreak.

However, he has some suggestions for people to make most of this time.

Akram starts his day by working out. He jogs and runs for an hour in the morning before a play date with his five-year-old daughter Aiyla.

Aiyla, he says, often does his make-up but he likes spending time with her during the quarantine and advised other dads to do play with their children as well.

“This period is making me learn things that I’ve never done in my life,” he said.

“It is important to be busy, don’t stress about future, especially for things that are not in your hands.”

He advised everyone to set a proper routine and add productive activities to it. “Don’t just sit and watch the television all night. Read something and spend time with your kids.”

Akram is also diabetic. When asked how he copes with food cravings while staying at home, he admitted it is very hard for him, especially since he has a sweet tooth.

During such instances, he said his wife Shaniera gives him sugar-free jam, which does the trick.

I feel like I live with a family of camels, he added jokingly, while describing that being at home for nearly a month has made him realize just how much water his family drinks.

At the end of the conversation, he had a special request to people sending him messages on WhatsApp related to preventing the coronavirus. “I’m aware of all the things that I needed to know about the virus,” he said.

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