What desi husbands should really be doing during the COVID-19 lockdown

Haye jaldi corona khatam ho takey ye apnay office waapis jaaein aur mujhay chayn aur azaadi wapis milein: tamaam desi biwion ka ijatmaai slogan.

Translation: Ugh I hope this virus ends soon so he can go back to work and I get my peace and freedom back: a united slogan by all desi wives.

This Monday marks the beginning of the fourth week of social distancing and work from home for us in the Netherlands. Safe to say, adjusting to a new routine hasn’t been easy for anyone.

However, while the entire world is witnessing huge changes around, some dheet (obstinate) desi husbands are continuing to do what they are famous – sorry, notorious – for: giving orders and making life unbearable for their wives.

The baadshahat (kingdom) (read: bad upbringing or bogus ego) they regularly claimed only on the dinner table in pre Covid-19 days, now begins at the crack of dawn, when they wake up and sit in front of the laptop for their morning virtual catch-up with colleagues.

Guess who’s at the receiving end of the tantrums? The wife, who cannot leave the house for a breather.

If you don’t want to be the man whose wife secretly wants to run away but isn’t doing so only because of coronavirus lurking in all four directions, then use the following friendly tips to remain a bearable feature of the family.

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