You either love Meghan Markle or you don’t, says close friend

Meghan Markle, ever since she tied the knot to Prince Harry has been getting praised over her conduct and for standing up for herself. However, she has also managed to make a place for herself in a lot of people’s bad books.

Author Shinan Govani who had been closely moving into the same social circles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back when they were residing in Vancouver Island, Canada, made some startling revelations about Meghan.

Writing for Tatler, Govani revealed that when it comes to Meghan, there is no in-between, as people’s fondness for her only touches the very extremes.

“She is like liquorice. You either love her or you don’t,” he said.

“Something that has stayed with me, especially post-Megxit, is that Meghan is no stranger to picking up and reinventing herself, be it in Argentina, Canada, the UK, or now, LA,” he said looking back at a chat he had with her in her Toronto home while she was shooting for Suits.

“Both a go-getter as well as a shape-shifter, she returns now with more social mojo than she could have ever imagined then,” he continues. 

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