YouTuber Nadir Ali Booked for Tax Evasion Worth Millions

Looks like taxes are catching up to everyone in Pakistan, including social media pranksters. FBR is cracking down on social media influencers for tax evasion starting with famous Youtube channel ‘P 4 Pakao‘, the brainchild of Nadir Ali.

One of the most famous pranksters in Pakistan, Nadir Ali was sent a notice by the tax authorities claiming he’s due to pay up to Rs.13 million in taxes.

YouTuber Nadir Ali’s ‘P 4 Pakao‘ has over three million subscribers. He gets a million hits on his prank videos daily. Do these millions of views really make millions in money?

P 4 Pakao‘ has racked up over 820 million views in total so far, making it one of the largest YouTube channels in Pakistan. This explains why the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been investigating him for concealment of income.

The Investigation

Dawn reported that sources from Intelligence and Investigation Department say that Nadir Ali is being accused of tax evasion. He had previously been served notices but FBR says he didn’t reply. Nadir Ali denies that.

“We received their notice and responded through in person appearance and then applied for an extension in the time to file a response and our application was approved. We are working now to resolve this through all proper ­channels,”

They said the case has been concluded and referred to the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Tax Office (RTO)-III in Karachi for ‘implementation and recovery of the tax evaded‘.

“He now has the option to appeal the order before the Commissioner Appeals in the RTO office in Karachi.”

After Nadir started ‘P 4 Pakao‘ in 2016, he registered with the income tax department on Oct 13, 2017. The social media influencer filed tax returns for nil income in the years 2016-2017. For the years 2018-2019, he declared his income at 809,762 rupees and Rs 14.44 million rupees, respectively.

The FBR investigation reveals that Nadir Ali’s tax returns do not contain a full record of his income. This led to suspicion of concealment of income. FBR later verified from YouTube that Nadir received an income of Rs 2.186 million in 2017, Rs 28.335 million in 2018 and Rs 46.762 million in 2019.

Then there’s also 10 million rupees of foreign exchange for one year as well.

The move comes as part of the FBR’s crackdown on social media influencers evading taxes. There will be ‘a series of actions against individuals deriving large income from hosting online content‘ and don’t file taxes.

“People need to realize that incomes generated from online content are taxable and records need to be maintained for five years and declared in their annual return filings.”

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